A bleak future is sure to follow a generation that learns more from each other on Instagram than in person.

You’ve faked it till you made it, now look at what you created - a hopeless facade and now you can’t escape it, like you always do, you make it seem alright to look okay to everyone around, but who’s most important? You or everyone else. Lie to everyone, but I see you lying to yourself. You’ve faked it and you think you made it but you’ve just made a mistake and you can’t erase it.

When two stubborn opposing characters are faced with a situation in which they need to change in order to love each other, who should be compromised?

- unreasonably or perversely unyielding

People need to know when to let up. There’s a reason why perseverance doesn’t equal stubbornness.

Keep your ideals close to you and never let go of em but when you’re doing more harm than good to yourself and those around you, and you’re too blind to see it, you got some soul searching to do. Real talk.

Be true to your key qualities and values; and once you find them on the verge of being compromised by someone or something, take action to preserve them.
Because once you have nothing left, knowing that you still are who you are will help you go to sleep at night and wake up every morning.

If misery loves company then why the fuck don’t I belong anywhere

Something about me enjoys putting all my eggs in one basket.

Perhaps it’s cause I always think it’ll work out. In this case, I’m seeing the glass half full, my basket flooding at the brim and my hopes being risen - making them all more susceptible to being crushed.

How come with these types of decisions, I always choose to execute with my right brain rather than my left. Be optimistic and think with the feels or think out every pathway, possibility and outcome and end up being a grumpy ol cynic?

Womp, for now I’ll let it ride on the feels, cause they haven’t wronged me yet. fingers crossed.