Something about me enjoys putting all my eggs in one basket.

Perhaps it’s cause I always think it’ll work out. In this case, I’m seeing the glass half full, my basket flooding at the brim and my hopes being risen - making them all more susceptible to being crushed.

How come with these types of decisions, I always choose to execute with my right brain rather than my left. Be optimistic and think with the feels or think out every pathway, possibility and outcome and end up being a grumpy ol cynic?

Womp, for now I’ll let it ride on the feels, cause they haven’t wronged me yet. fingers crossed.

" Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it. "
by Friedrich Nietzche (via puspie)
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GIRLS DONT READ this ones just for the fellas. only guys will get this one. bros you know when youre at the gym workin on your ‘toids to get big for the sports well OKAY I’m sure the ladies have stopped reading by now, so what’s their deal? how do I tell the girls I love them without having to talk? I’m scared

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Was on the lirr to stony for dance rehearsal when some guy gets up to leave for his stop. Middle aged white male. could’ve been Jewish and wasn’t wearing anything too flashy or extravagant.
Anyways, he gets up and as he’s about to leave through the parting doors, I look down and spot his wallet on the seat. Let me tell you…this wallet was FAT. Like obese breakin at the seam type shit. I saw the wads of bills on bills fattening up the leather hide no joke. I grab the wallet and without a moment of hesitation, I run to the guy screaming “sir your wallet!” - I hand it to him and he thanks me and leaves. At first I was like “nigga couldn’t slip me a buck at least?!” But moments after, i figured that if everyone did good things without expecting things in return, the world would be a very pleasant place

Strange thing was that initial moment I spotted the wallet, I expected to have some sort of mental dilemma - but I didn’t, I simply just acted on good faith. I think I’m pretty proud of myself and my family for raising me with such values.

Maybe I should start believing in this whole karma thing. Hopefully life returns the favor? We can only continue doing good and hope for the best I guess.